GUEST POST: 15 Tips to Improve Your Strategic Planning Process–Part One

Note: The following article is provided courtesy of Mark Arnold, president of On the Mark Strategies. Strategic planning is a staple in the credit union industry this time of year. Fall doesn’t just mean football season is here—it means planning season is here as well. As credit unions both large and small face increasing competition […]

The Critical Connection Between Culture and Strategy

The connection between a credit union’s strategy and its culture is a critical component of its strategic success.  If the culture is strong, then words and actions are aligned. When you are able to combine that alignment with a well-defined long-term strategy that is clearly communicated to the team and used to guide day-to-day actions, […]

Put It In Writing: Increasing Efficiency with Documentation

Consistency matters. It’s the key to delivering great service to every member, every time, it’s the key to training new employees and preparing them for success, and it’s the key to increasing efficiency throughout your credit union. When things are done consistently, less time is lost debating, correcting, and evaluating why something was done the […]

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