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Does the Size of Your Strategic Plan Matter?

I’ve seen a lot of odd things in my years as a strategic planning consultant. A LOT! But I have to admit that even I was caught off guard recently at something I heard about a credit union…it was ‘dinged’ by an examiner because its strategic plan lacked heft (the actual wording used was that it [...]

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I’m Not Your Guest…I Just Want to buy a ____

Guest is a word that’s losing (or is already lost) meaning and impact. It works at Disney, but it’s not transferable or original or applicable in many stores. At that point, it just becomes a buzzword. Ok, I’ll admit it–the guest label is a pet peeve of mine…especially when I find myself waiting in line at [...]

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What’s Your 4th Quarter Strategy?

In just a few hours every credit union leader will be confronted with an opportunity or (if you prefer) a challenge:  It’s fourth and one, and time is running out. What are my (not so cryptically) referring to? The start of the fourth quarter of 2014. Chances are your perspective regarding whether the dawning of [...]

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