RECOMMENDED READING: Is Your Credit Union Ready to CRUSH IT!

Credit union folks have a passion about their business and a desire to show people how they can help them build stronger and more sound financial futures for themselves and their families. Gary Vaynerchuk has a passion about wine and a desire to show people how they can enjoy it and make it a less […]

Who’s On Your Bus?

One of the more interesting and valuable business books written in recent years is a book called GOOD TO GREAT by Jim Collins. The book is a follow-up to Collins best seller BUILT TO LAST which studied the long-term growth of companies with the goal of identifying the factors that led to long term business success. […]

Why You Should Always Count to 5 First

No doubt you’ve heard it before—usually with respect to how to respond in a difficult situation—count to 5 before you respond. It’s sound advice worth considering. In my work with leaders I spend a lot of time helping them fix problems that were created because someone didn’t apply this simple step. Instead they… Fired off […]

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