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The Real Reasons You Need to Go Off-Site for Your Strategic Planning Session

It’s a frequent debate within credit unions (and between leaders and planning facilitators): Do we really need to spend the money to hold the strategic planning session off-site? My response is an unqualified “Yes.” Here’s why. When you hold your planning session at your credit union you miss the opportunity to change the perspective of […]

5 Important Guidelines for Focus Groups

Several recent conversations with credit union clients have centered on the topic of focus groups. Some of my clients are exploring the idea of using focus groups as part of an internal cultural assessment, while others are looking to focus groups to help them better understand their members. Regardless of the purpose, if you are planning to conduct focus groups, […]

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We Become What We Think About

There are books, audio programs, and videos that literally change our lives. They come to us at the moment when we need a bit of insight, inspiration, or clarity and their message resonates in a way that makes us different. Hearing Earl Nightingale’s program The Strangest Secret was such a time for me because that is when […]

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