The Secret to Increasing Efficiency: It’s About the Sum of the Little Things

Why do hotels routinely give you two keys when you check in as an individual? Do they do it because they believe you will lose one, because they think one of them might not work, because they assume you want to have one in your pocket and one in your purse or briefcase (something that is actually [...]

Tin can phone isolated on white, clipping path included

It Works Better When We’re All on Equal Footing

OK…this is a pet peeve…but I am TIRED of people scheduling a conference call to discuss a project, then getting all of the people at their location in the same room and having only one or two people connected remotely. Simply stated: It just doesn’t work. The dynamics are too different for the people in [...]

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Stop Doing That!

It’s a day like any other at her credit union. Melissa gets to her corner office an hour before everyone else to check messages, review the day’s calendar and get started on her too-much-to-do list. Focused on how she’ll get it all done, she fails to notice that her team members have started trickling in. [...]

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