Connecting with Generation Y: E-mail Won’t Cut It

Everyone knows that the future members of your credit union will come from Generation Y.  Everyone also knows that one of the critical challenges for credit unions in finding ways to engage them in the conversation. Here’s an important reality that will impact your effectiveness as you attempt to do that:  E-mail Won’t Cut It! […]

Tin can phone isolated on white, clipping path included

It Works Better When We’re All on Equal Footing

OK…this is a pet peeve…but I am TIRED of people scheduling a conference call to discuss a project, then getting all of the people at their location in the same room and having only one or two people connected remotely. Simply stated: It just doesn’t work. The dynamics are too different for the people in […]

Improving Effectiveness by Calling Time-Out

The phrase ‘time-out’ has taken on a whole new meaning as the time-out has become the preferred form of disciplining a misbehaving child. Think about it. The use of the phrase in the ‘disciplinary’ context has virtually removed it from our minds as a solution to a problem, a statement to be interjected to put […]

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