STRATEGY WARNING: It’s Too Late to Enter The Payment Systems War

There’s lots of talk today about the payment systems war and its impacts for the credit union industry. It is real, it is happening, and it will change the way payments are processed; and that will impact the revenues that credit unions realize from payment processing. In light of this many argue (including this author) […]

Simple is Always Better

Stop and think for a moment about your most recent satisfying experience as a customer. Got it? Now grab a sheet of paper and jot down the things that made the experience satisfying and memorable. Don’t struggle to come up with something out of the ordinary, just list the things that brought this experience to […]

Don’t Get Caught Being Incongruent

Few things are more uncomfortable than finding yourself in a position where it has become clear that you are not walking your talk. In today’s information flooded environment, it is much easier to find yourself in such a position than ever before–even though you may not realize that you are there. Let me explain. The […]

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