How Will Mobile Payment Systems Disrupt Your Credit Union?

It seems like every day there is another one—an article, blog post, special report, white paper, video, or interview transcript that discusses the evolution of payment systems. These articles tend to take one of three approaches… ◆    Use data to make one of two points—use of/interest in alternative mobile payment systems is growing or that [...]

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It Works Better When We’re All on Equal Footing

OK…this is a pet peeve…but I am TIRED of people scheduling a conference call to discuss a project, then getting all of the people at their location in the same room and having only one or two people connected remotely. Simply stated: It just doesn’t work. The dynamics are too different for the people in [...]

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Why Your Credit Union Needs an Andon Cord

Sometimes the difference between a strong leader and a weak leader can be summed up in one word…EMPOWERMENT. The level of decision making ability your organization and its leaders are willing to give front line employees has a direct impact on the success of your business. Toyota recognized the value of empowerment decades ago and [...]

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