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Why You Need to Separate Strategy and Planning

Sometimes a blog post, article, or book crosses your path and as you read it you say to yourself “I wish I’d written this.” When that happens it is a clear sign that the content connects with your core beliefs, resonates with your thinking on the subject, and deserves to be shared with others who […]

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Make Sharing Ideas an Everyday Activity

We’ve all been there! You share an idea that has merit. It’s an idea that can significantly impact the organization either by making a process more efficient, making a small change that results in big savings or eliminating wasted time or resources in some way. Your co-workers love it until… they’re all assigned to a committee/team/task […]

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We Become What We Think About

There are books, audio programs, and videos that literally change our lives. They come to us at the moment when we need a bit of insight, inspiration, or clarity and their message resonates in a way that makes us different. Hearing Earl Nightingale’s program The Strangest Secret was such a time for me because that is when […]

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