VIDEO POST: Building Relationships by Putting Your Social Media Efforts on Autopilot

Like it or not, social media is here to stay.  It is not a flash in the pan or a current fad.  It has become a way of connecting people with busy lives to the things they want to be informed about, and it will likely grow in importance across the next few years. The […]

Who’s On Your Bus?

One of the more interesting and valuable business books written in recent years is a book called GOOD TO GREAT by Jim Collins. The book is a follow-up to Collins best seller BUILT TO LAST which studied the long-term growth of companies with the goal of identifying the factors that led to long term business success. […]

Improving Effectiveness by Calling Time-Out

The phrase ‘time-out’ has taken on a whole new meaning as the time-out has become the preferred form of disciplining a misbehaving child. Think about it. The use of the phrase in the ‘disciplinary’ context has virtually removed it from our minds as a solution to a problem, a statement to be interjected to put […]

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