RECOMMENDED READING: Small Things Make All the Difference

It seems that everyone talks constantly about the need to innovate to put your credit union on the path to long-term success. But innovation often requires radical changes that take time to produce results. And if the direction chosen is the wrong one, it can seriously cripple and potentially kill your credit union. The reality […]

Creative Ideas: Finding Better Solutions

It is easy to find problems. They occur every day, some big, some small, some noticed, some not noticed, with most begging for creative solutions that will prevent them from recurring. And that’s where the real struggle often begins…in searching for solutions that will work. While I firmly believe that defining the real problem is […]

VIDEO POST: Leadership Development–Three Tips for Better Decision Making

ACTION ADVICE: Engage your leadership team in a discussion about decision making within your credit union. ¬†Ask the following questions to assess where you are and define next steps that may be needed to improve the development of your team: 1. Does your credit union have a clearly defined watermark that let’s people know how […]

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