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A Simple Way to Assess Your Strategic Planning Process

An often overlooked, but critically important, step in strategic planning is taking time to assess your strategic planning process. I’m not talking about the logistics or timing of the planning session, or the quality of the plan that was developed, but the overall process before, during, and after the planning session. Think about it for a [...]

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Improve Your Credit Union Culture With This 3-step Process

Culture is a critical success factor that leaders need to manage with intention. Today’s employees demand more than ever before from the places they work, and they want to be involved in shaping that. When they own the culture, they contribute more and create better results. Over the years, I’ve had many people ask me [...]

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Shift the Process to Make Meetings Work

I ran across an article from Forbes recently that confirmed what I’ve been thinking for a long time now… Meetings no longer work (if they ever did) in the intended way! Citing research from Harvard Business School and London School of Economics, the article revealed that executives spend upwards of 18 hours per week in [...]

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