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Are you planning the innovation out of your organization?

A challenge has emerged recently in my strategic planning work that has caused me to ask the question in the headline. It seems to be occurring across credit unions of all sizes, and it is serious enough that it can threaten their very existence. Here’s how it happens. Someone comes up with an idea that has merit–something [...]

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I’m Not Your Guest…I Just Want to buy a ____

Guest is a word that’s losing (or is already lost) meaning and impact. It works at Disney, but it’s not transferable or original or applicable in many stores. At that point, it just becomes a buzzword. Ok, I’ll admit it–the guest label is a pet peeve of mine…especially when I find myself waiting in line at [...]

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Board Member Roles are Changing

An all too frequent complaint from my credit union clients revolves around their board of directors. They’ve either been on the board too long, are out of touch with the credit union industry, or lack the skills needed to guide an organization in this millennium–all valid concerns (if indeed they are an accurate assessment of the people [...]

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